A smart communication strategy includes a mix of tactics. Audiences are wide-ranging and diverse, and so are the ideal ways to reach them. Since our inception back when email was just taking hold, we’ve evolved from being primarily print-centric to embracing the power of print and online integration.


Identity and Messaging

In everything we do, we aim to strengthen your organization’s image. Without clear guidelines, identity and messaging can start to veer off course, resulting in a confusing brand. We know that it can be difficult to engage in an objective branding conversation from the inside of an organization. Staff already have a lot on their to-do lists, and are often in a reactive mode, focused on the next deadline. Stepping back and looking at the brand with a long-view can be especially challenging. We can help. Working together to develop a clear visual identity and messaging platform, we’ll build a framework that will bring clarity and consistency to your communications, making your efforts more effective and efficient.


Print Collateral

Ahh, the joy of taking in information that isn’t backlit on a screen. Times certainly have changed, and these days much of the print collateral we produce is printed digitally, in small quantities. At Third Sector, we have vast experience developing annual reports, capital campaign packages, program brochures, newsletters, posters, books, cd packaging and a whole lot more.


Website Design and Development

In all of our work, we strive for clean, uncluttered and user-friendly solutions. We aim to make information easier to absorb and understand and always look for opportunities to simplify. With our websites, this is seen in our visual design, content recommendations, functionality choices and development framework. The same careful thought that’s given to the user experience is also given to the content manager experience. We know that website management is just one of many hats our clients typically wear, and our process reflects that understanding.


We custom build our sites using WordPress, a user-friendly, browser-enabled content management platform that offers broad functionality options. It’s open-source, search-engine friendly and created by a world-wide development community.


Social Media Strategy and Training

Social media allows organizations to have a conversation with their audiences and get immediate feedback. The benefits of using social media are well-documented. Among them: increasing awareness, driving traffic to your website, humanizing your organization, deepening relationships, and helping your stakeholders share their support. But for an already over extended nonprofit, it can seem overwhelming to get started or to keep on top of fast moving changes.


When we help our clients with social media, we start where you are today and determine how to get to where you want to be tomorrow. We develop a customized, realistic strategy that’s designed around your goals and the resources you have available — whether it’s 4 hours a week or 10. We create a strategy that identifies tools, topics, and timeframe so you’ll be able leverage the benefits of social media engagement.


Public Relations Awareness Campaigns

Targeted PR campaigns can help to create ‘buzz’ for your organization. Whether a general awareness campaign, or one centered around a particular issue or event, PR can help you reach a larger audience and increase credibility. With a focused campaign of press releases, media pitches and follow-up conversations, we’ve helped clients tell their stories through television, radio, print and online media. When paired with social media, your message can get even greater traction.