Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin | 2012 Annual Report

Since 2004 we’ve been helping Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin tell the story of their work to reduce hunger throughout much of our state. To celebrate their 30th year, we focused on how it all started with a bushel of apples back in 1982. Supporting photos were shot on location at Patterson’s Orchard, a long-time food donor to FAEW. It was a perfect way to spend a crisp autumn day (plus we got to stock up on cider and caramel corn).

Feeding America of Eastern Wisconsin | 2012 Grateful Plate Invitation

Grateful Plate is Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin’s popular gala event that takes place every June at the Wisconsin Club.

Feeding America of Eastern Wisconsin | 2010 Annual Report

Hunger affects a staggering number of our friends and neighbors in Wisconsin. In the 2010 annual report we helped to tell the story of FAEW’s growing impact on families, children, and individuals throughout Eastern Wisconsin.